#2 – History and Future

Pick-Up Concept: Language Translation Device

Paper dictionary used to be everything. Not a long time later, electronic dictionary came out and people are crazy about this magic device that can both work as a dictionary and a gameboy. When we stepped into the mobile age, almost everyone of us installed a dictionary app that can check words anytime anywhere. For people who want to translate a relatively longer paragraph, they turned to use Google translate for a better translation result. All of the above tools don’t work properly for simultaneous translation. So for people who are having international meetings, they wear a headphone from which they can hear the translation simultaneously.


All of the current solutions for language translation either have delays(dictionary of different kinds) or need simultaneous translator beside. So I imagine that in the near future, as the rapid development of linguistic researches, people only need to wear headphones that will help to translate everything simultaneously. I imagine the mechanism would be to put a micro controller inside the headphone along with an audio input and output. When it receives any voice, the streams would be passed into Google translate for process. When finishing translation, the audio output will send out the voice using the mother language of the person who wear it. Below is a look and feel of this magical language translation device.


Below is a group discussion on how the language translation device works within the Tetrad of Media Effects. It is a very important factor that helps to build a world. In the future 10 years, this device can actually be in use. With this translator, people don’t need to learn a second language anymore, and they can talk to whoever they want from across the world. This will literally solves the problem that people would feel afraid when talking to foreign people by breaking the language barriers. In the future 50 years, as people communicate much more in a world scale, they will understand foreign culture and the cultural difference more deeply, thus, will reduce the conflict between different countries, religions, or colors. In the future 100 years, this language translation device will push its limit to a whole new level, which means it not only translates between different languages, it can also translate visual forms(images, videos) into language that can help people who have vision disorder “see” the world again.


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